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Radio, Rum, & Trop Rockin' Fun!

Snorkeling in Grand Bahama.

Shore Life Radio has been spinning some new tunes from my upcoming summer album called Once Upon A Bottle of Rum. I'm very excited to release my third studio record, but my very first Trop Rock album! I'm very excited that the first singles from the album have found a home at Shore Life Radio, special thanks to Millie Marie Taylor. Please visit their website at to enjoy great trop rock music and request my songs!

My decision to move into the Trop Rockin' world was kind of a no-brainer! After spending years, sailing around the Caribbean, laying all day on beautiful beaches, and drinking an undocumented number of rum drinks and margaritas it seems like a natural move to recount some of those adventures and tell the stories through songs. Hopefully, enough time has passed that my piratical accomplices won't feel uneasy about the tales of our adventures being broadcast around the world, although any names have been changed to protect their identities, lol!

Wiley Lulfs, Johnny Ringo (CEO, CODE Rum), & Brad Brock

Being a brand ambassador for my favorite Florida rum, CODE Rum and working closely on projects and events with founder Johnny Ringo and also becoming a member of the Trop Rock Music Association have kept me fully involved with the Trop Rock community and immersed in the Florida lifestyle. I love the idea of mixing music with Florida brands to create an experience for friends and fans that not only touches the soul, but it tangible as well. Products you can wear, hold in your hand, listen to, and sip on is my current obsession, so look out for some cool stuff coming your way.

I'd like to encourage everyone to sign up for my VIP Mailing List. Coming in the next few months, I'll be putting together some exclusive content for mailing list subscribers and eventual club members. I will also be polling mailing list subscribers on what kind of interesting new website and media content you'd like to see. Also be sure to register for complimentary VIP Tickets to select shows to get first dips on giveaways and specials at those events! They will be featured on the homepage!

As always, check for upcoming show dates and come out to say "Hi!" soon!

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